Jack Daniels Single Barrel

The Big Safari Association has purchased a Jack Daniels Single Barrel. We are selling this in our BSA Store on the website. The price is $75, shipping included. If you do not need shipping, they are still $75. Since there are a limited number of bottles, we are asking that you limit your purchase to 3 bottles maximum per person.

Please pass the word. We are only selling these through the website, so please have your colleagues log in, update their information and get their bottles!

Crew of U-28A Identified

The crew of the U-28A that crashed Tuesday evening has been identified. According to twitter posts from Cannon AFB ():

–[1Lt Frederick] Dellecker, 26, a co-pilot for 318th, was from , , and is survived by his mother and father.

–[Capt Kenneth] Dalga, 29, a combat systems officer for 318th, was from , , and is survived by his spouse, son and mother–

–[Capt Andrew] Becker, 33, a pilot for 318th Special Operations Squadron, was from , , and is survived by his spouse, mother, and father–

Please keep these families in your prayers.

Website Updates

Hello BSA members!

Here is a quick update regarding some recent changes made to the BSA website.

The first big update is that I was able to create a email list that will automatically email every member once a week with a quick summary of the News headlines posted to the website.

Second, I began work on building an online store for the site. This is still a work in process and no pages are yet available to users but expect great things in the months to come!