We Lost a Great Friend, Leader, Mentor Today–a True American Patriot and Hero

Friends, it is with a very heavy heart that I have to let you know that our friend, mentor, and brother-at-arms, Bill Grimes, passed away this evening.  We have lost one of our family and, moreover, a true American hero.  Judy has some of her family with her.  She is a strong lady, but still needs our prayers.  Bill’s body will be cremated and buried at a Veteran’s cemetery north of Manchester.  I will try to get out information about the arrangements as soon as possible.  

I just received an amazing note from Colonel Geraghty.  He asks that I share with you: “The Big Safari family mourns the loss of our greatest leader, Bill Grimes, the man who built the culture that we strive to carry on.  We are forever grateful for who he made us, and we will honor his legacy with continued service to the men and women who defend us.  Our thoughts and prayers go our to Judy and family.”

God bless, Bill Grimes.

Mike Meermans